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Eligibility: To be eligible artists must be residents of Rhode Island and have a disability. The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) defines a disability as a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits a major life activity.

Artwork must be original: Art reproduced from other artist’s work, advertisements, widely circulated photographs or offset prints are not considered original works of art. Printed copies, either black and white or color xerox, including computer-generated prints or pre-programmed software are not considered original. All works must be attributable to the displaying artist, completed since acquiring a disability, produced within the last 2 years and cannot have been previously exhibited with VSA arts RI.

Media: Media eligible for consideration include oils, acrylics, felt tip pen, tempera paint, watercolor, collage, pastels, airbrush and charcoal. Quilts, weaving and other traditional craft techniques are also welcome. Sculptural works are eligible if accompanied by a pedestal for display. Computer art must be original in concept, design, and execution. The products of molds, pre-programmed software or clip art files are not eligible. When listing media on entry form please include surface material (i.e. acrylic on paper).

Framing: All work chosen for exhibit must be framed. Framing should be a wall style gallery frame and ready to hang, with all wire and hardware in place. Tabletop display frames with easel backs are not acceptable. Work on stretched canvas need not be framed, but must be wired for hanging. Framing and hardware costs are the responsibility of the artist.

Suitability of Work for Display: While VSA arts RI is committed to the protection of artistic freedom in the creation and exhibition of art, funding for our Exhibition Program comes from numerous sources, including government agencies. Additionally, many of our exhibit locations are public spaces and not private galleries where the exhibition of any work would not be questioned. We therefore need to exercise a great deal of discretion regarding the presentation of works that contain nudity, or which touch on racial, ethnic or political issues. Artists are asked to exercise suitable discretion in the choice of works submitted for display. If an artist wants to exhibit work that is more challenging, we will attempt to locate an alternate exhibition possibility for them.

Jurying: Exhibits will strive to represent the broad artistic and geographical diversity of artists with disabilities living throughout Rhode Island. Submissions are juried by a selected VSA Arts RI advisory panel of artists prior to each individual exhibit.

Artist Receptions: Each exhibition will have it’s own opening reception. Exhibiting artists will receive written invitations containing detailed information after exhibition dates have been established.

Security: VSA arts RI will take normal precautions to assure the safety of artworks, but will not be liable for loss or damage to the art during transport, display or storage. The security of the artwork is provided for as part of the individual exhibition sites responsibility for their buildings. In order to qualify, the artist must provide an estimated value for each work. Please list the value (up to $1000) on your entry form, even if the work is not for sale. The work will be examined upon installation and de-installation to record the condition of each work.

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